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Your Spring Plumbing Checklist by Pipe Dream Plumbing

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Preventative plumbing maintenance can help you reduce any significant problems in the future, saving you money and protecting your home.  If you neglect preventative plumbing maintenance, you may encounter more expensive issues in the future. 

This spring plumbing checklist will give you some excellent plumbing maintenance tips and help keep your home’s plumbing systems in good condition.

Look For Leaks

Checking for leaks is an important preventative plumbing maintenance job. Even if you have been diligent during the winter months, there still may be leaks that have developed in your homes plumbing system’s that need attention. Catching leaks early before they cause damage is crucial. 

Leaks can waste thousands of litres of water throughout the year and lead to moss and mildew growth. Tips to spot leaks include looking for drops in water pressure and damp patches on walls. Make this a priority when carrying out checks on your home. 

Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

Checking your hot water heater is also a crucial aspect of preventative plumbing maintenance. Good plumbing maintenance tips include ensuring the temperature is set correctly and that you have enough hot water throughout your property. Make sure to look for leaks when you maintain or repair your hot water heater too. 

Check The Laundry

The laundry  is a common source of spring plumbing maintenance issues. The important tasks for the laundry include changing the filter on your washing machine and draining any standing water from your washer or dryer. Check the water feed to make sure that there are no leaks too. 

Lint from your clothes can also cause blockages in the drains. 

Check Your Taps

Preventative plumbing maintenance for  taps includes checking washers and gaskets in  fixtures and hoses under sinks and basins. Make sure that no water is dripping from the tap handles or spouts. If there is a leak, replacing the washers is a job that may help fix it. Maintenance on exterior taps is often forgotten, so make sure they are on your checklist too.

Roofing and Gutters 

Keeping your roofing and gutters in good condition helps to avoid problems with dampness and mould. Clear out any loose leaves and debris from the gutters to prevent water buildup and overflowing gutters. You should also check the roof for any loose tiles that could cause leaks. Maintaining the roof is vital because any gaps could lead to water damage in your home. 

Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents are crucial for regulating the air pressure in your plumbing system. Blockages in the plumbing vents can cause many issues. The best plumbing maintenance tips for identifying vent issues include looking for slow draining sinks and toilets or gurgling sounds, as this can be a sign of a blockage. Removing any blockage is an essential preventative plumbing maintenance job. The Team at Pipe Dream Plumbing offers affordable toilet maintenance and repair and clears any blockage with high-pressure water jets.

These simple tasks and plumbing maintenance tips will help you keep your home in good condition. 

When you go through your spring plumbing checklist, you may encounter some problems. The Team at Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage are only a call away, and can help with any maintenance issue. We are dedicated to improving the health of your home all year round and helping you with all your plumbing needs.

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