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Blocked drains are much more than just a minor annoyance. A blocked toilet, drain, or sink can disrupt your daily routine and can be the result of undetected damage to your home’s plumbing system.

At Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage, we treat every one of our customers’ calls as an emergency. Whether you have just discovered a blocked drain or you have put off the issue for a while, we are ready to help you restore your home’s functionalities in no time.

We have several years of experience resolving blocked drains and are proud to provide experienced, professional and accessible plumbing services across Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

High Pressure Water Jet

Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage use the latest technology in high-pressure water jets to clear and restore your drain. Our state-of-the-art high-pressure water jets are used to clear your drains and pipes and restore their functionalities in no time.

The team at Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage are skilled professionals and will be able to clear your blockage easily without affecting the integrity of your drain.

Our high-pressure water jets provide an effective solution with 5000psi there is no blockage out jets cant clear!

blocked drains before and after high pressure water jet

Fast & Reliable Services

Our blocked drain plumbers arrive on time, and complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Up Front Pricing

Nobody likes a jump in prices, which is why we provide clear and transparent pricing to avoid any surprises.


Emergency Services

Blocked drain emergencies can happen unexpectedly at any time, which is why we offer a 24 hour service.


Highly Experienced

All of our blocked drain plumbers have the experience and training needed to get the job done.

What's Behind A Blocked Drain?

Understanding the cause and exact location of a blocked drain is essential to resolving the issue quickly and efficiently.

Below you’ll find some of the most common causes of blocked drains – your experienced plumber for blocked drains from Pipe Dream & Plumbing & Drainage will be able to tell you more about the dos and don’ts of looking after your home plumbing system.

Coburg Broken drain due to tree roots

Common Causes of Blocked Drains & Pipes

Your Trusted Blocked Drains Plumber

Finding the right plumber to resolve your blocked drains in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs can be challenging. That is why here at Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage, we want you to know exactly what to expect from us:

  • 24/7 emergency plumbing service
  • Reliable plumbing services
  • Upfront pricing with NO hidden costs
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Experienced & skilled plumbing professionals

At Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage, we don’t only offer a quality and efficient plumbing service – but we also provide long-lasting permanent solutions that allow you to enjoy the comforts of your home for many years to come.


Signs that your drains are blocked

Blocked Drains FAQ's

Our most frequently asked questions about blocked drains

You would call a plumber to clear and investigate what is causing the blockage. You would only call the water authority, i.e. greater western water, if you and neighbouring properties are blocked as this indicates there may be a blockage in the main line.

No, the council will not help unblock private drains.

This may help clear a minor blockage but it is not recommended to do this regularly as it can damage the pipe. If you have a serious blockage, it is best to call a professional.

Call a plumber as soon as possible; use as little water as possible as the sewer is likely to overflow outside of the property from the overflow relief gully.

Sewer drains (toilets, kitchens, laundry, etc.) are connected to the sewer drain. Roof water from gutters and downpipes are connected to the stormwater drain. If the stormwater drain is blocked, the water will back up and flood your property. If the sewer drain is blocked, the wastewater will back up and flood your property.

Gurgling noises, fixtures that aren’t draining, overflowing from the overflow relief gully which is normally located on the side of the house where the kitchen/bathrooms are.

If they are left long enough, then definitely. This is more common with stormwater, as you wouldn’t necessarily notice it as quickly. The best way to prevent this is by having your property regularly maintained and keeping the gutters clear.

Yes, also badly ventilated drains will cause little flies to grow.

The landlord is usually responsible for blocked drains at a property. However, if the tenant has directly caused the blockage, for example by throwing wet wipes down the drain, they normally pay the bill.

Need some more information? Read this blog post where we list out the most common causes of blocked drains.

Blocked Drain Reviews

Could not highly recommend Brent and his team more. Firstly, their quotes were very competitive, having checked with others. We needed relining of our pipes and our stormwater drain repaired. Brent was able to save us a few thousand dollars when he advised the damage was caused by a telecommunication company (who then agreed to reimburse us). Rather than undertaking the work and requesting payment, Brent was completely honest and transparent with us which we really appreciated. He also left the property nice and tidy, and was always responsive with his communication and lovely to deal with in person. Brent will be doing all our plumbing work in future.
Phillip H
Phillip H
Thanks Brent for coming to help us with our blocked pipe on such short notice. Would highly recommend! Legends ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Brent and team came out to fix our blocked sewage drain, and in the process they identified a broken pipe further down the line. Brent called City West Water on my behalf and explained the issue, and got them to come out the same day.They also showed and emailed me the camera footage so I could see the issue myself.Highly recommend this company: honest and professional. Very rare qualities in today's world.
Ketan Mistry
Ketan Mistry
Did a fantastic job on a drain repair. Best value of the quotes I obtained. Very genuine and friendly people and professional in every way. Can recommend them highly without reservation.
Martin Smith
Martin Smith
I think we just found ourselves a new reliable and quality local plumber.We had a blocked sewage drain and called Pipe Dream on a Monday afternoon, initially PD did not have any availability until Thursday but I got a text from Brent in the evening with a quote, and that he could come early the next day if I'm happy to proceed. PD is upfront with their pricing and outlines what job will be done to resolve the issue; this helps when you need to budget and no surprises.The communication at PD is excellent; from the booking process, connecting you with a plumber, and post work if any further actions are required.Brent is polite and professional, he came early and was able to unblock our drain, he also showed and explained the issue, as well as providing a permanent solution with a reasonable quote. The previous plumber we called out only fixed the root problem temporarily which has now re-occurred. After the job was done the area was cleaned up.
Foodie Wanderer
Foodie Wanderer
We had a blocked drain and we had some guys come out and find the blockage, gave us some advice on how to repair ourselves, but also a very reasonable quote for the fix. They arrived when they said they would completed the fix and cleaned up after themselves. Best plumbers since the Mario Brothers 😊

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