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The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom

We might not think a lot about it, but toilets are an essential part of our daily routine – and they can make a difference in your bathroom design. The wrong toilet can give your bathroom a neglected look, feel uncomfortable, and cause you to waste hundreds of litres of water each year.

Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage is the best plumber for toilet installations in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs area – and for a reason! We don’t only ensure a successful installation; we are also ready to offer our plumbing expertise, recommend the best products, and help you select the right toilet for your bathroom. 

Toilet installations are important, but choosing the right toilet type for your plumbing system is also vital for a long-lasting, functional, and comfortable bathroom. Below are the different types of toilet suites we install and what to keep in mind, in making your choice:

Check Your Toilet’s Connection:
S or P Trap Toilet Pans.

When picking a new toilet for your bathroom, the first step is to determine whether you are dealing with an S or P trap connection. These are two different types of water seal systems. They both aim at trapping smells and sewage gasses, preventing them from dispersing in the room. 

Do you have an S or P Trap Toilet Pan?

S Trap Toilet

Connection S Trap Toilet

the toilet waste pipe comes out vertically from the back of the toilet pan and penetrates the floor. 

P Trap Toilet

Connection P Trap Toilet

the toilet waste pipe horizontally penetrates the wall at the back of the toilet.

Types of Toilets

  • Close Coupling Toilet Suite – Closed coupled toilets are composed of a cistern and a pan that are connected to form a single unit. Depending on the model you have selected, they work with both S traps and P traps.

  • Back to Wall Toilet Suite – Back to wall toilets look similar to wall hung toilets. However, instead of hanging from the wall, they are connected to the floor. They are suitable for both P trap and S trap connections. 

  • Standard S/P trap Toilet Suite with Flush Pipe and Link – This is a base model toilet. The cistern is either plastic or ceramic that is connected to the pan with a plastic flush pipe.
  • Disabled Toilet Suite – These toilet pans are higher than standard pans to allow for easier use.

  • In Wall Cistern ToiletThe cistern is installed behind the wall. You will only see one button along your wall, usually above the pan. You can find some in-wall cistern toilets that work with S traps.

  • Wall Hung Pan Toilet Suite – The cistern is located inside the wall, and they usually function thanks to a P Trap connection that gives the impression that they hung off the wall and above the floor. Because these toilets’ installation can be challenging, they are best installed during a bathroom renovation.

Some of the toilet brands we recommend include:

Toilet Installation
Gerberit - in wall toilet cistern rough in
Bathroom Plumbing Renovation Sydenham 1, VIC | Dec 2021

Upgrading Your Toilet For A New, Sustainable Bathroom

Upgrading your toilet is not only a design choice. It can also improve your bathroom’s functionalities, save water, and reduce bill costs.

In the long term, upgrading your toilet can increase your property value and reduce running costs.

Thanks to your trusted toilet installation plumber at Pipe Dream Dream Plumbing & Drainage, you can learn whether it is time to consider upgrading your toilet suite.

Get in touch with your Pipe Dream  Plumbing & Drainage local plumber today and discover our full range of plumbing services.

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