Hot & Cold Water Repairs/ Replacements

If you have a burst waterline or a broken pipe, time is of the essence. Getting in touch with an experienced and reputable plumbing team is critical! Failure to do so could result in huge expenses and water damage! Luckily, Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage is here to help you.


We can help with any water repair you need

Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage is here to help you. We are experienced and licenced in maintaining and repairing water lines and pipes. Our vast industry experience and impeccable reputation will give you complete peace of mind whenever you need a plumber for a water repair or replacement service.

What are some of the common water repairs we handle?

Common water repairs include attending to broken, leaking, or burst lines and pipes and where required replacing and renewing existing water lines.

We can attend to all your water repair and replacements needs, including complete waterline replacement and renewal services, which can be essential once the condition of water lines starts degrading and significant damage has occurred. 

If you are unsure about what sort of service you require, don’t panic, as we will accurately assess the condition of your pipework and provide you with clear recommendations and the most cost effective solutions for restoring your home’s functionalities in no time!

Caroline Springs - Burst Pipe
Corroded Galvanised Steel Gas Pipe

Sometimes a waterline replacement or renewal is the only solution

Sometimes waterlines become so severely damaged that a repair just won’t cut it. This is particularly relevant when we are talking about Galvanised Pipes

Galvanised Pipes are zinc-coated steel pipes that over time and with general wear and tear corrode and rust. All Galvanised Pipes in your home will need to be replaced or renewed at some stage, it is just a matter of when. 

The team at Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage provide this service with our skilled and professional plumbers able to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve your issue, with the latest equipment in the industry.

Signs that you need a waterline replacement or renewal?

Common signs to look for include:

Our team of experienced plumbers can efficiently replace and renew your water lines, ensuring that you have clean running water in your home with minimal downtime.

Faucet with rusty water coming out of the tap

Contact us today for your water pipe repair or replacement quote

We are only a phone call away if you want to know more about our service or need your water pipes repaired or replaced. We have a helpful team at hand who will answer any of your queries, as well as providing an obligation free quote. So, what are you waiting for?

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