Gas Leaks

If you even have a slight suspicion of a gas leak, get out of your home, turn your gas off at the meter and contact us straight away. This is an emergency that needs to be attended to immediately!


Do you smell gas in your home? Don't delay!

There are some things in life that you cannot simply ignore. When things go wrong in your home, there may be the temptation to merely put it off for another day, especially when repairs cost money! However, the consequences could be dire,  if you do this with a gas leak. Gas leaks are dangerous!

How to tell if you have a gas leak in your home

There are several different signs and indications that you may have a gas leak in your home!

The most typical indication is the smell of sulphur! For those unaware of what sulphur smells like, we have two words for you; rotten eggs. Not very pleasant at all!

There are many other signs and indications that you need to be mindful of as well. This includes a whistling sound near your gas line or a hissing sound. Aside from this, if you have noticed a dust cloud or a white cloud near a gas line, you should get out of your home and contact us sooner rather than later!

In addition to this, another clear indication of a problem is if your houseplants keep dying and you cannot figure out why! There are plenty of different situations and scenarios that require further attention on your behalf, so please do not delay when it comes to seeking our services. A day of waiting is a day you don’t have when it comes to something as serious as a gas leak.

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You can rely on our experienced and friendly team to assist you

Our team of licenced and qualified plumbers are experienced in carrying out extensive testing to locate your gas leak promptly and attend to repairing it immediately. Gas Leaks can happen unexpectedly at any time, which is why we offer a 24-hour service

We have helped many homeowners in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs to enjoy a safe and reliable environment once more! With our experience, you can have total peace of mind. Our impeccable reputation in the industry is no coincidence.

Contact us today for more information - do not delay

Should you suspect a gas leak, the best thing to do is give us a call, and we will immediately assess your gas lines to determine if there is a leak in your home. If there is, we will rectify the issue as a matter of urgency. Call us today for prompt service!

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