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Modern Toilet Installation Trends and Designs

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Bathrooms, once overlooked in terms of style, are now becoming showcases for innovative and modern designs. One aspect that has gained significant attention is toilet installation and upgrades. The days of standard fixtures are over; today’s bathrooms are embracing cutting-edge trends and designs that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Modern Bathroom Trends and Designs to Follow

Bidet Toilet Seat

The surge in bidet sales, prompted by toilet paper shortages during the pandemic, has been notable for obvious reasons. This sought-after amenity enhances toilet hygiene, offering a paper-free experience.

Nevertheless, accommodating both a bidet and a traditional toilet can be challenging due to space constraints. This is where the bidet toilet seat becomes a practical solution. This innovative attachment replaces your existing toilet seat with one featuring a built-in bidet sprayer. 

Most available add-ons include a bidet sprayer that extends and retracts with the press of a button. Some models also feature air dryers for added comfort, and select variants can even adjust the water temperature, which is particularly beneficial during winter.

Wall Mounted Toilet

The wall-mounted toilet is ideal for those seeking a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Occupying no floor space, the toilet bowl appears elevated, seamlessly emerging from the wall. The pipes are hidden within the wall cavity, leaving only the flush buttons visible.

Cleaning around wall-mounted toilets is easy, and the height can be adjusted during installation to suit the primary users. However, it’s essential to consider a few caveats, such as weight limits that vary by model, typically reported as no more than 500 pounds. Repairs may also be more complex and costly compared to alternative options.

Smart Toilet

Smart technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, and toilets are no exception. It elevates the traditional concept with features like Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in bidet, a heated seat, a deodoriser, an air dryer, self-cleaning functionality, and more. All these features are integrated while maintaining a sleek ceramic look that complements modern bathrooms. It offers the benefits of advanced technology without the need for international travel.

Touch-Activated Devices

Touch-activated faucets or showerheads may seem like a luxury, but they serve a practical purpose. These touchless devices have fewer moving mechanical parts, reducing wear and tear. By eliminating the need to turn a knob to initiate water flow, they contribute to a longer lifespan with fewer parts requiring replacement. Also, they not only reduce the risk of germ transmission but also add a futuristic and sophisticated touch to the bathroom.

Above Counter Basin

The above-counter basin has emerged as a focal point in modern bathrooms. This style involves placing the basin on top of the vanity or countertop, creating a visually striking and space-saving solution.

Above-counter basins are well-liked for their versatility and modern appeal. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing homeowners to personalise their bathroom spaces. Ceramic, glass, and stone are popular choices, each offering a unique texture and finish.

One of the key advantages of above-counter basins is their ease of installation. They require minimal alteration to existing plumbing, making them a great choice for both new constructions and renovations. Additionally, the elevated design can provide an illusion of space in smaller bathrooms, making them feel more open and airy.

Freestanding Bath

The freestanding bath is another design element that has captured the hearts of those seeking luxury and relaxation in their bathrooms. Breaking away from the conventional built-in tubs, freestanding baths are standalone fixtures that add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

These baths come in various shapes, from classic oval to contemporary geometric designs, providing homeowners with ample choices to complement their overall bathroom aesthetics. Materials like acrylic, cast iron, and stone resin are commonly used, ensuring durability and longevity.

The freestanding bath isn’t just a functional fixture; it’s a statement piece. Placed strategically, it can serve as the centrepiece of the bathroom, creating a spa-like atmosphere. Customisation options for size and shape allow the freestanding bath to integrate with the room’s aesthetic and available space seamlessly. Many modern toilet designs also include features such as built-in overflow systems and modern faucet options, enhancing both style and functionality.

Final Word

As we continue to evolve in the digital age, the integration of modern toilet installation trends and designs is reshaping our bathroom experiences. Modern toilet installation trends and designs continue to redefine our expectations of bathroom aesthetics. As homeowners embrace these contemporary trends, their bathrooms become not only functional spaces but also reflections of their unique tastes and personalities. 

Embrace the elegance of modern bathroom design and create a space that speaks volumes about your commitment to style and comfort. The future of bathroom design is here, and it’s all about combining innovation with elegance.

If you’re looking for great toilet upgrades and toilet installation services in Melbourne Western Suburbs, contact Pipe Dream Plumbing & Drainage.

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